Crop Speciality Division


Silver - Natural Plant Protector

Silver is a combination of silicon and potassium to act as effective silicon nutrient with combination of free potassium availability.

Silver is monomeric silica which is essential nutrient for plant growth.

It build strong cell walls and make silicate layer on leaf surface of plant their by increases resistance against sucking pests & diseases.

Silver is strengthen the internodes of paddy, wheat, maize, sugarcane etc.

It helps to reduced biotic & abiotic stress.
It also reduces leaching of nitrogen and potash.

Crops: For All Crops.
Dosage: Foliar Spray 1ml/ltr & 1ltr/Acre for Drip.

100 ML - ₹ 159
250 ML - ₹ 361
500 ML - ₹ 675
1 Ltr - ₹ 1308

CRP - Natural Plant Protector

CRP is a calcium silicate, its used as plant nutrient in plants its used for to build cell wall in plant and improve photo-synthesis activities.

CRP make a silicate layer on leaf surface, To protect the plants from fungal and sucking pests.

CRP build a strong cell wall and to improve the resistance power against cracking the fruits and damage by sunlight.

CRP is used as a to elongate a distance of internodes in crop like paddy, sugarcane, wheat etc.

CRP help to avoid collapse the crops in heavy rain and wind.

Crops: Paddy, Maize, Sugarcane, Fruit and vegetables.
Dosage: For Foliar Spray 2gm/liter

250 GM - ₹ 125
500 GM - ₹ 202

UNIROOT - Natural Plant Growth Promoter

Uniroot is flex of potassium humite which is made up by combination of natural humus fulvate potassium and trace elements.

Uniroot is a complete organic plant food for plant root development and ionization of nutrient present in the soil.

Uniroot provides organic N-P-K and essential minerals to the plant & It gives development of white roots, vegetating growth, flowering and fruit setting in the crop, Increase size and length of the fruit.

Uniroot is combination of various plant rooting auxins, seaweed and plant extract, amino acid combinations, natural humus and potassium fulvate.

Crop: For all crops.
Dosages : Foliar Spray 2gm/ltr For Drip 250gm/Acre.

250 GM - ₹ 147
500 GM - ₹ 256

UNIWET - Non Ionic Silicon Spreader

Uniwet is a Organic Nonionic Super Spreader a Uniwet promotes spray volume reduction, Rapid uptake, Improved coverage, Rain fastness etc.

Uniwet act as a:
– Super Spreader
– Penetrator
– Activator
– Superior tank mix
– Sticker

Avoid the wastage of Pesticide a Organic input compatible with all insecticides, fungicides, herbicides etc.

Crops: For all crops. Dosage: For Foliar Spray 50ml/200ltr of water. For Drip 250ml/Acre.

50 ML - ₹ 71
100 ML - ₹ 118
250 ML - ₹ 261
500 ML - ₹ 474
1 Ltr - ₹ 906