Crop Harmones Technology


ELONGATOR - Natural Biostimulant

Elongator is a unique blend of naturally derived cell elongation Harmons which is 100% natural product.

Elongator is improves the rate of metabolism in plants works to increase the length of the fruit by increasing.
It also helps in enhancing the taste and color of fruits.

Elongator is useful for enhance fruit growth of long shape size fruits & It enhance the size of fruit cell naturally.

Crops- Sonaka Grapes, Chillies, Cucumbers, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, Ivy gourd etc.

Dosages : For Foliar Spray 1-2 ml/liter.

100 ML - ₹ 231
250 ML - ₹ 539
500 ML - ₹ 1029

SIZE-UP - Natural Fruit Size Enhancer

Size Up is combination of natural auxins with organic plant extract and organic potassium.

Size Up is increase size weight of fruits and avoid fruit cracking.

Size Up is an organic plant growth promoter prepared with mixture of harmons derived from natural sources.

It synthesizes protein and essential amino acid in plant metabolism which induce positive effect on flowering, fruit setting and enhance the fruit size, color, luster, taste and shelf life of the final produce.

Crops: Tomato, Pomogranade, Thompson Grapes, Watermelon, Onion etc.
Dosage: For Folier Spray 1-2ml/liter.

100 ML - ₹ 205
250 ML - ₹ 474
500 ML - ₹ 899