Crop Nano Technology



Latest molecule in world wide Nano PGP market with amazing results on various crops.

CellDiv acts on various metabolically important kinase domains these on activation give overall growth of plant controlled by dose.

Cost effective alternate to gibberellins, cytokines and other technical PGR’s.

CellDiv is 100% water soluble. Hence it can be used in any individual formulation.

CellDiv is intended to accelerate the rate of growth and maturation of crops and plant without disturbing their natural physiological actions.

Crops: For all crops.

Dosage: For Foliar Spray 1gm/200 liter of water.

1 GM - ₹ 381

PLANT ZONE - Highly Rooting Stimulant

Plant Zone is complex mixture of various moieties put together to stimulant various functions in plants.

Plant Zone composed of enzymes L- Series peptides, Stimulant and plant regulators etc.

Plant Zone enhance seed germination & growth & improves development of roots and shoots.

Plant Zone increases resistance to fungal attack as well as enhances uptake of nutrients.

Plant Zone increases plant metabolism of proteins, chelation effect plant growth cycle & increases activity of multiple enzymes.

Plant Zone enhances permeability of cell membranes, It enhances cell division & elongation.

Plant Zone enhance pH buffering capacity as soluble in acid & alkaline soils.

Crops: For all Crops.
Dosages : 100gm/Acre Drip. 200gm/Acre Spray.

100 GM - ₹ 323
50 GM - ₹ 175