Crop Nutrition Division


UNIPOWER- Natural Plant Booster

Unipower contains Amino acid, fulvic acid, Humic acid & Sea weed extract. It is coated by Silicon, Enzymes & Natural trace elements with unique formulation.
Unipower fully disolved in soil water and it helps to uptake nutrients from the soil.

Unipower helps to increase white roots so that plant become healthy and vigorously.
Unipower improves benificial soil flora and fauna.

It improves resistant of plant in drought condition. It is used to mix with NPK fertilizer or FYM granule.

Crops: For All Crops.
Dosage: Per Acer 5-10kg.

1 KG - ₹ 116
5 KG - ₹ 498
10 KG - ₹ 891
20 KG - ₹ 1058

UNIDRIP - Natural Plant Growth Promoter

Unidrip is high quality soil conditioner and growth promoter which is prepared from mixutre of organic minerals with Amino acid, Fluvic acid, Vitamins(B1, B2, B6, B12), humic acid, Proteins, polysaccharides, Auxins, Organic carbon Sea weed extract, Natural trace element & Enzymes. a Unidrip improves root development in the plant and improves the nutrient uptake.
It improves vegetative growth of plant.

Unidrip improves beneficial soil flora and fauna. It improves resistant of plant in water holding capacity of soil and develop soil texture and structure.
Crops: All crops.
Dosage: 1 liter/Acre. Through Drip Irrigation.

250 ML - ₹ 174
500 ML - ₹ 298
1 LTR - ₹ 550
5 LTR - ₹ 2307
Nutramin Grow

NUTRAMIN GROW - Natural Plant Growth Promoter

Nutramin Grow is the complete organic plant booster which provide all Essential nutrients and minerals to the plant.
Its gives vegetative growth improve photosynthesis, flowering and fruit setting.
Nutramin Grow have contains amino acid, Natural potassium fulvate, Cytokine, Sea weed extract etc.
Nutramin Grow arrest the flowers & fruit dropping.
Nutramin grow is compatible to all insecticides fungicides herbicides expect copper sulphate & sulphur.
Crop: For All crops.
Dosage: For Folier Spray 2ml/liter.

100 ML - ₹ 83
250 ML - ₹ 172
500 ML - ₹ 297
1 Ltr - ₹ 551


Sea Plus is 100% naturally derived green seaweed extract containing a rich array of bioactive components with higher organic activity then alternative.

It induce white root activity and helps the plant growth rapidly.

It increase chlorophyll contain and higher photosythesis process, lush green color, tolarance to disease.

It also provide natural trace element.
It helps to increase size and attractive color of fruits.

Crops: For All Crops.
Dosage: For folier 1ml/ltr & For Drip 1ltr/Acer.

500 ML - ₹ 364
1 LTR - ₹ 687