Crop Protection Division



TRP is combination of various medicinal plant extract and alkaloids such as allicin, garlic, chilli seeds, fish and others. These plant extracts also act as plant food.

TRP is very effective in all sucking pest mostly thrips, mites, leaf-minor and others similar insects.

TRP is a residue free product and can be use for exportable fruits and vegetables.

TRP is compatible with all fungicides, insecticides except copper sulphate & Sulphur.

Crops: For All Crops. Dosage: For Folier Spray 1.25ml – 1.50ml/liter

100 ML - ₹ 322
250 ML - ₹ 768
500 ML - ₹ 1486
1 Ltr - ₹ 2926

ANTIVIRUS - Natural Plant Virus Protector

Antivirus is a combination of various organic and mineral extracts which built up plant immunity against virus attack.  Protect plant and vegetable from viral attack.

Antivirus also act as anti-leaf curl for vegetable and other crops. Antivirus is effective for viral, fungal and sucking pests. Antivirus is unique formulation of UAS formula. This product is derivative from Natural plant extracts. Antivirus 100% pure organic product.

Dose- 1.5 to 2.0 ml/lit

Crops – All fruits, vegetable and floricultural crops

100 ML - ₹ 137
250 ML - ₹ 308
500 ML - ₹ 569
1 Ltr - ₹ 1095

PLANTERA - Natural Plant Protector

Plantera is based on Bacterial & Plant enzymes act on digestive system & nerve system of pests which are made up from proteins.

Plantera include types of enzymes killing all type of protozoan groups/pests.

Plantera is derived extract act as repellent or compatible with enzymes.

The herbal & enzymes combination demonstrated good control in the pest population & damage caused by the pest.
Precautions: Keep in cool & dry place in air tight container.

Do not mix with chemical fertilizer.

Dosage: For Folier Spray 1.25 – 1.5ml/liter For Drip 1ltr/Acre.

100 ML - ₹ 347
250 ML - ₹ 830
500 ML - ₹ 1610
1 Ltr - ₹ 3176

KILLBUG - Natural Plant Protector

Killbug is an innovative organic product developed by using different botanical extract. Killbug is specially formulated to control mealy bugs.

Killbug is residue free formulation and can be used for to export fruits and vegetables. Killbug used to control eggs, numphs and adults.

After applying of Killbug it dissolved waxy layer of mealybugs and destroy nurvous system of mealybugs.

Killbug is compatible with all pesticides, fungicides. It avoids to mixed with alkaline base products like copper sulphate, sulphur etc.

Crops: All Crops
Dosage: For Folier Spray 2ml/liter

250 ML - ₹ 243
500 ML - ₹ 439
1 Ltr - ₹ 835

UNIMATO - A Bio Nematicide

Unimato minimizes root knots & egg hatching of Phyto nematodes by disrupting their feeding and reproduction & It also minimizes the effect if soil pathogens and various impediments caused from soil and climate factors.

Unimato targets the harmful nematodes which attack plants and serve as carries for plant viruses in crops.

Unimato enhances plant disease resistance and stimulates root growth and plant health.
Unimato is highly irritating to nematodes and also posses ovicidal activity against soybean cyst nematodes heteroderid glycine’s sugar beet cyst nematodes Schachter, southern root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita and northern root-knot nematodes.
Unimato is helpful to control eggs, nymps (Juvenile) and adults of nimatodes.

While appling unimato sufficient moister must be require in soil.
While using this products add uniwet 250 ml per acre.

After 3 to 4 days must be applied Unidrip 1 litre per acre to develop sufficient white roots.
Caution :- To avoid this product in climbers plants like cucumber, bottle guard, watermelon etc.

Dosage: 250ml/Acre For Pomegranates & Other Orchards 100ml/Acre For All Vegetables.

100 ML - ₹ 299
250 ML - ₹ 749
500 ML - ₹ 1171
1 Ltr - ₹ 2220


Unitox is preventative & Curative measures against soil borne fungal organisms like Phythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Sclerotium, Oxysporum etc.

Unitox covers all soil borne fungal diseases like Rhizome Rot, Soft Rot, Seed Rot, Foot Rot, Black Rot, Rhizoctinia Rot etc.

Unitox distrupt cell wall of spores & membrane of bacteria.
It promotes strong healthy root growth.

Unitox compatible with all insecticides and fungicides. Seed treatment: Used Unitox 2ml/ltr of water.
Crops: Tomato, Cucumber, Chilli, Grapes, Pomogranate, Strawberry, Peach, Pear, Ginger, Potato, Onion, Turmeric etc.

All vegitables Fruit, Pulses. Cereals & Floriculture Crops.

Drenching & Drip Irrigation: Used Unitox 1ltr for 200ltr of water.
Drench should be made once the disease is observed.

Unitox can be used twice a month for better protection & long-lasting effect.

Dosage: 1ltr/200ltr Water Through Drip/Drench.

250 ML - ₹ 520
500 ML - ₹ 982
1 Ltr - ₹ 1841

DEFENCE -40 - Natural Plant Protector

Defence 40 is an aqueous formulation containing Potassium Phosphite as an active ingredient. The P2O5 containt of this formulation is 16% minimum, The molicular formula of Phosphonic acid is H3PO3. Whereas it is H3PO4 for Phosphoric Acid One oxygen molecule being less in Phosphonic acid, makes it more active in the plant system.

Defence 40 is very effective on Powdery mildew & other fungus.

Defence 40 is organo mineral fungicides is recent concept in which organic extract and natural mineral used in combination to control plant fungus and improve immunity of the plant to fight against fungal and viral diseases as well as act as plant food nutrient with zero plant residue.

Defence 40 is compatible with commonly used fungicides. Do not used along with inorganic micronutients and calcium fertilizers.

Crops: All Crops
Dosage: For Folier Spray 1-2ml/liter For Drip 1ltr/Acre

250 ML - ₹ 141
500 ML - ₹ 236
1 Ltr - ₹ 433
Protect Plus

PROTECT PLUS - Strengthen to Resist

Protect plus have broad spectrum fungicidal property which control maximum types of fungus and improve plant immunity magically against fungal diseases and root fungus.

Protect plus in rich in active phosphorus and potassium so also act as great nutrient for plant.
Protect plus is the active phosphorus rich organic mineral combination which is very effective on downy mildew, powdery mildew and other fungus.

Protect plus boost phosphorus as well as potash to plants.

Crops: All Crops Dosage: For Foliar Spray 4gm/liter.

500 GM - ₹ 616