Natural Plant Growth Promoter

Uniroot is flex of potassium humite which is made up by combination of natural humus fulvate potassium and trace elements.

Uniroot is a complete organic plant food for plant root development and ionization of nutrient present in the soil.

Uniroot provides organic N-P-K and essential minerals to the plant & It gives development of white roots, vegetating growth, flowering and fruit setting in the crop, Increase size and length of the fruit.

Uniroot is combination of various plant rooting auxins, seaweed and plant extract, amino acid combinations, natural humus and potassium fulvate.

Crop: For all crops.
Dosages : Foliar Spray 2gm/ltr For Drip 250gm/Acre.

250 GM
₹290 ₹225
500 GM
₹530 ₹393